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Nursing Assistant CNA Program


Nurse Assistant Training Program with Restorative Nurse Assistant Specialty

This program is comprised of 2 courses in a 12 week period. This Nurse Assistant Training Program (NATP) WITH a Restorative Nurse Assistant (RNA) specialty is designed to expand a student’s knowledge and skills to provide basic care for patients in hospitals, adult day centers, rehabilitation centers, residential homes, and nursing/convalescent homes.

 A Restorative Nurse Assistant is a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) who has additional, specialized training in restorative nursing care. A Restorative Nurse Assistant (RNA) helps patients gain an improved quality of life by increasing their level of strength and mobility.

This program includes classroom instruction with hands-on training, and 108 externship hours in a long-term/extended care facility. Students must provide their own transportation to the externship location.

This program covers: Patient Basic Care (i.e. nutrition and feeding, bathing and oral hygiene); Patient Monitoring (i.e. temperature, blood pressure, etc.); Positioning; Rehabilitation and Restorative Care; Patient Safety; Ethics; Patient Rights; and Elder Abuse Identification. Patient Dignity and Rights of Privacy, Therapeutic Exercises, Functional Patient Mobility, and Transfers. Students will also receive CPR Certification as part of the program.

 This program also prepares students for the California State Nurse Assistant Certification Exam.  At the end of the program, students will receive 2 certificates: a Nurse Assistant Training Program Certificate of Completion and a Restorative Nurse Assistant Certificate of Completion. Students will be ready to work immediately as a Certified Nurse Assistant or as Restorative Nurse Assistant.     

There are no pre-requisite courses.


12 weeks x 5 hours x 4 days = 240 total in-class + externship course hours for Nurse Assistant Training Program 

20 hours per week

M  T W TH  8:30am – 1:30pm

40 total hours of Restorative Nurse Assistant course.

280 total hours for Nurse Assistant Training Program with the Restorative Nurse Assistant Specialty